Connecting Aleno Smart

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Re: Connecting Aleno Smart

Postby dado675 » Thu Jan 10, 2019 10:38 am

Buongiorno, ho dei problemi ha collegare il mio rullo Aleno con l'applicazione desktop di myetraining. Il programma è installato su pc portatile con chiavetta adattatore bluetooth dove il rullo viene riconosciuto, il problema viene quando faccio il wizard di installazione, metto la mia data di nascita, scelgo il rullo, vedo la spunta verde sul collegamento bluetooth poi....... basta mi chiede di selezionare un trainer ma resta tutto fermo. Volevo utilizzare il pc per usufruire del web race e per il monitor più grande. Con l'applicazione android tutto ok. Saluti

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Re: Connecting Aleno Smart

Postby sergiu.pacurariu » Fri Jan 11, 2019 5:18 pm

Is it possible to connect Aleno Trainer to the Beta PC app using Bluetooth connection?

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Re: Connecting Aleno Smart

Postby Elite Admin S » Mon Jan 14, 2019 1:59 pm

To connect Aleno to your pc, the pc must support the bleutooth LE (win 10 and Bluetooth LE/4.0 hardware).
If you have the bluetooth LE but are not able to connect, please contact our customer care at


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Re: Connecting Aleno Smart

Postby vergne.laure » Mon Jan 14, 2019 11:57 pm


I saw your first post one year ago, and as i can see there is no aleno on my e training ....
should we try with an other one ? wich one?
How does it work for connecting the ht with the max app if we can't find the device ?

thank you

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Re: Connecting Aleno Smart

Postby sergiu.pacurariu » Tue Jan 15, 2019 11:20 pm

I managed to install the Beta version in order to connect Aleno trainer with the PC. I also added a Bluetooth cadence sensor and a Bluetooth heart rate sensor. All sensors can be connected in the same time. The connection does not work as smooth as I've seen on Android for example but finally I did it. However after that I saw why it is still beta version. Here is what I would like to have better than it is now:
- when I connect the trainer it also sees it as a power meter which is not (the power is calculated from speed and resistance, which works pretty well on android), after I manually disable the power meter it started to work
- the power shown by the PC app is far from accurate. I have 78kg and at 28km/h it shows 100W on the first resistance level, while at 40km/h it shows 165W. The power reading if I compare with what I get from Android app (which I consider is quite accurate) it should be around 50% higher.
- Aleno trainer has 8 resistance levels which on Android app are considered as incline levels in percentages (found that when I simulated one of my rides on the trainer. The resistance levels suggested corresponded with real incline levels from the real track, probably more or less accurate but the actual time I did on the trainer was close to the one on the real track). On the PC app when you change the resistance level at the same speed the power does not change at all. On the dashboard there is even an incline indicator which is not working.
- the cadence and HR readings looked good
I don't know how the PC app behaves with the other trainers but in case of Aleno the above issues need to be fixed in order to be able to really use the PC app. I look forward to see a better PC app version for this trainer. Thank you.

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Re: Connecting Aleno Smart

Postby andiyatsia » Fri Aug 02, 2019 1:43 am

carlitosmcc wrote:Hello Vule

Did your aleno smart working in zwift by Bluetooth connection? filezilla uc browser rufus How did you do it?

Is there any way to connect trainer to My Trainer App for PC. If not, when do you plan to support it as I do not believe it's hard works, it is your product and same resistance unit seams to be part of couple of your trainers?

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