Training test results data explanation please

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Training test results data explanation please

Postby janos.kotai » Mon Dec 03, 2018 9:38 am

Could anybody explain the results of Training Test?
I found, that it works on the basis of preset maximal heart rate (at parameters), and the target HR is the 83% of the maximal.
I think 'Initial HR' and 'Max HR' are momentan values, and they have not much to do with.
But what are 'Critical HR' and 'Threshold HR'? Are they estimated fuctional threshold (1 hour sustainable) and/or estimated lactate threshold or what else?
The same to power. I think there is not much to do with 'Initial Power' and 'Max Power'.
But what about 'Critical Power' and 'Threshold Power'? Is one of them the estimated FTP? What is the other one? Aren't they related to the preset FTP value (at parameters)?
Thank you.

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