GPS Tracking with google map background

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GPS Tracking with google map background

Postby raphnou » Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:46 am


Sorry I use a translator ;)

I would like to talk about a function that should be improved at Elite.

Being able to follow a recorded GPS track with a barometric gps watch, and thus faithfully reproduce the slopes of this track with the google map trainer and map background.

Coming from the Tacx world and before buying my Direto, I asked some questions about the forum and the Elite Staff.

I asked if I could do a gpx background with google map background, I was told that it was necessary to use the format .kml for google, it's ok for me, no matter the format if the result that I seek is the good.

Unfortunately this is not good at all, where tacx allows me to reproduce relatively faithfully the slopes of a known circuit, the Elite version with GoogleMap reduces the number of points and the smoothing is not progressive, so between each point the slope does not correspond, the circuit has therefore not at all the same relief as in reality.
It is too simplified to pretend to train, add to that a Direto latency to simulate the slope, the result is simply bad.

I did not think there could be such differences between manufacturers from a software point of view. In addition, Tacx offers this free feature that works pretty well.
At Elite this function is not interresting, it is better to do a training or read RL video

I had made comments to Tacx that I will also do Elite, the quality of the software offer is important for this kind of product, it can make the best trainer bad ...

Is there a way in Elite to get to the result I had with Tacx?

Thanks for your help


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Re: GPS Tracking with google map background

Postby sebrios » Mon Apr 16, 2018 5:29 pm

Raphael, Im a big fan of Elite Trainers. However, their software, and development team is a dissaster! :(
If they are planning on including this into the software, wait for it maybe by 2022.
To give you an example, they said they were releasing an update for the Drivo's firmware, by the end of 2017.. we are still waiting...

What I do suggest, is that you use the google map to create the route you want... that is a very effective way of having good results. Normally really really close to reality, instead of importing/exporting files that tend to missmatch the reality. Good thing is this is free in their software! (you have to pay Google on the TTS4 software for this little functionality)

I have a Drivo, and a Tacx Neo, and I enjoy the Drivo the best when looking to do geo rutines.

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Re: GPS Tracking with google map background

Postby raphnou » Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:48 pm

Hello everyone,

Thank you sebrios, I just try with Google map, but it's not better, I have next to me a slope of 100m and 10% to climb and it is only 2.5% on 400m with Google map is too simplified.
This format kml is not good for the fidelity of the slopes of a parcous ...

I think that Elite has every interest in listening to its customers and I am sure they are able to do as well as Tacx on this point.
I do not think I'm the only one wanting to vary the use of the trainer and this possibility to faithfully reproduce a course with google background is just as playful as a realvideo, especially for mountainbike.
I do not know if it is a pledge of quality, but Tacx has the particuarity to accept directly the format gpx and when exporting the file on the Cloud of Tacx, it is proposed 3 possibilities of smoothing according to the origin of the gpx sources, the smoothing is more or less important. For example, a barometric gps watch requires the least smoothing, while a smartphone needs more if it is not barometric.
At Tacx it was functional because I think that despite a smoothing they keep a large number of trace points, and even from the smartphone or tablet it works well.

Elite did an update on that tonight,

I do not know if it is Elite or the conversion to kml, but the track displayed by MyEtraining is too simplified in number of points compared to the original gpx and no smoothing between these points makes the changes of slope already not very faithful. ..

It has become a habit with manufacturers, they always put the cart before the horse, the material is good, but for the rest we are dangling possibilities that either does not exist or works very badly ...
I have not been using MyTraining for a long time but already I found a list of bugs that get stuck in use.

There is a lot of work in persepective among Elite programmers ... :mrgreen:


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