Direto power off by around 50 watts

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Re: Direto power off by around 50 watts

Postby danga » Wed Feb 13, 2019 7:01 pm

Elite Admin S wrote:Some quick answer to all of you (sorry, missed from the forum for a couple of months due to other projects).

If Direto power is different from the one you have on your power sensor check calibration.
If the offset is different from the original one, it may be necessary to tighten the belt.
CONTACT US before doing it!

Also, you have to consider that the trainer and your power sensor measure power in different points. The trainer measures it on the hub, while most of the power sensor on the crank. As you can easily understand, this adds some additional frictions and increase the power (usually 10-20W but can be up to a 5%).

Here's some link about this:

If the power difference is less than a 5%, this is the cause.

If still you think that there's something wrong, contact us.
We will ask you specific tests and data and analyze every single situation to understand what's wrong.


I’ve been in contact with support staff the difference is 10% and I’ve been told it’s normal, Im not convinced it’s normal you yourself have said 5%.

I’ve completed offset calibration and tensioning of the belt as instructed by support. I’ve provided a number of data files and not once has support asked me to run a test in fact they told me to expect a 10% difference even though the Direto reads higher than my power at the pedals? If there was drivetrain losses to account for the pedals would read higher not lower as you’ve suggested above.

Where to next who can provide the support to understand which power source is problematic, I am in the process of obtaining a third power source to further validate. I would like a Elite to support the process and not try to dismiss my concern of a 10% differential at various power levels.

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Re: Direto power off by around 50 watts

Postby Elite Admin S » Thu Feb 21, 2019 12:21 pm


We're saying that the difference may be up to a 5%.
Of course you have to add a +/-2% of error due to the trainer precision and another error due to the power sensor precision (let's suppose a 1%).
This means that the error may reach a max of a+/-8% in the worst situation.

If the error is more than this, please talk about this with the technician that is following your case (I don't have access to the data you've sent).


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