Elite Turbo Muin - belt tension for correct watt

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Elite Turbo Muin - belt tension for correct watt

Postby Jahan » Fri Oct 20, 2017 2:22 pm

Drive-belt tension loosen with time on the Elite Muin trainers. I read a post in the old forum regarding too high watt values reported by the Elite Misuro Bluetooth /Ant+ sensor.
Elite recommended to tighten the tensioning screw, located on top of the trainer, one or two turns. (See user manual). No covers need to be taken away from the trainer. See your user manual.

I did this, as recommended by Elite, but the watt reading compared with my new Stages Power meter was still too high (+ 30 watt). I then found a YouTube video for the trainer where it was informed to turn the screw until a torque of 2-3 Nm. I did this with a torque wrench ( had to turn the screw 4 turns more) and the trainer was now spot on with my Stages watt readings from 50-350 watt. I have not tested above 350 W. (My FTP is only around 225 watt).

The whole operation took me only 5 minutes. I’m now very happy with my old Turbo Muin that now shows the same watt values on Zwift by use of the Misuro Ant+ sensor as it does with my Stages power meter.

Tip: Why not ask someone with a road racer and watt pedals /watt crank/Stages etc to test their bike in your trainer and then you turn the belt tensioner screw until the watt readings are the same, e.g 200 watt.

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