I stick to Mac more than Windows.

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I stick to Mac more than Windows.

Postby clamy99 » Tue Sep 10, 2019 2:36 pm

I used to be a Windows user but that was before I went to college, learned programming, and started building my own little pet projects things. I've only ever used Mac and Linux for development. Anyway, my current development daily driver is a 2015 MacBook, and I'm considering upgrading to the new Surface Laptop 2.

However, I'm very hesitant. Some things I like about Mac or Linux:

Bash and similar shell systems that I'm way too used to.

Ability to use natively installed code editors with those shells (I seldom use IDEs).

How easy it is to install various languages, frameworks and dev tools because of Bash etc.

I know there's the Linux subsystem in Windows now but it does not work with native Windows code editors that smoothly in my time playing with it. I know VMs are an option.

But that Surface Laptop design is soooooo slick and I've been waiting for a hardware refresh for the longest time.

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