Misuro B+ and Polar devices

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Misuro B+ and Polar devices

Postby scott » Sat Aug 03, 2019 1:37 am

I have a Turbo Roteo trainer with the Misuro B+ power sensor. I've had no problems getting power readings into iPhone apps in the past - everything works perfectly.

I would like to bring power data into Polar Flow, which I use for all my other training. The easiest way would be to have a Polar device pick up the power data from the sensor. I have tried a V650 bike computer and it won't find the sensor. I next tried a Vantage M watch. It pairs with the sensor but it seems to think that its getting speed and cadence data, not power data.

I realize that this is more a problem of Polar not supporting this device rather than an issue with an Elite product, but I thought I should ask here in case anyone has discovered workarounds. I know there is some limited ability to configure the sensor (buttons and blinking lights) but no idea if that would help here.

There may also be ways to use the trainer with Zwift, Strava or Training Peaks and then import the data into Polar Flow. (I did try Zwift and it worked fine. The Turbo Roteo is not a smart trainer with variable resistance, but Zwift picks up the power reading so it's still possible to race if you just slow down while drafting.

Any advice would be most welcome. Thanks.

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