My e-training desktop and Strava - connection failure

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My e-training desktop and Strava - connection failure

Postby AlexNL » Mon Mar 11, 2019 11:09 am

Dear team,

I really enjoy the software and find it especially nice to be able to reuse some of my previous recorded on video rides, especially when the weather outside is just horrible...
One small issue that I can't seem to be able to solve is the connection to STRAVA.
Here are the steps that I have taken so far:
1. Installed my e-training on PC
2. Set up trainer (DIreto), HR - all good
3. Set up connection to TrainingPeaks - no issues at all
4. Set up connection to Strava:
- asks for credentials on the Strava web page, supplied
- accepts them
- goes back to my e-training and there is a pop-up message "CONNECTION FAILED"
- the toggle stays grey (not enabled, unlike the TrainingPeaks one)

Did the same on my iMac - absolutely the same outcome.
Checked in the Strava web site - in my "apps" there is MyETraining and it has access (as there is only one option there saying "Revoke access")

What am I missing?

Best regards, Alex

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