Rampa assembly - resistance unit moves

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Rampa assembly - resistance unit moves

Postby michal.fm » Thu Jan 10, 2019 6:51 pm

during the rampa assembly I found two issues:

1. may I ask what is the tightening torque for two fitting M8 screws which are fixing resistance unit with adjusting to rRmpa frame. I have not found it in manual (just moment for fixing M4 screws of resistance unit to adjusting unit.)
When I tightened it slightly, the unit moves a lot (+-1cm side to side). When it is tightened more, it does not ove back from the wheel when released locking.

2. one hole in plastic bracket is much bigger than the screw diameter (13mm against 8mm of the screw). it causes a movement of the whole assembly when not fully tightened. (relates witho question 1). Is that OK or is there something missing in the package? (some centering insert or similar.)

I supposed that when it is properly in-factory calibrated, there must be a very precise and stable fixing which will ensure identical force between wheel and roller of the resistance unit.

Thank you for quick response.
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