Zwift on Apple TV / iPad resistance problems

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Zwift on Apple TV / iPad resistance problems

Postby Brennen » Sun Jan 27, 2019 12:38 pm


I have a issue with the Elite Drivo,

When using the device on my iPad or Apply TV (Bluetooth) the resistance is super easy at 0-1%

When reaching a hill the resistance goes to the opposite end of the spectrum and become impossible to turn the gears! So I then have to change the trainer difficulty to a Lower setting to get up the hill.

For instance in a race at 300W I’m just spinning out on the flat hardest gear on bike and trainer difficulty at 30%.

I’ve made multiple post on zwift and contacted support but no response from them...

No one want to take responsibility of this problem! (It’s been brought up before) Please some give some information…?

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Re: Zwift on Apple TV / iPad resistance problems

Postby flimps » Thu Jan 02, 2020 8:12 pm

A year has gone by and looks they have not fixed it.
My drivo reads 10-15 watts above any other powermeter.

They said the difference lies on that the powermeters reading on the pedals or cranks, chain dispersion, etc. The reality is wahoo provides same reading as pedal and cranks powermeters while drivo does not.

The problem lies in their BLE connection. Either they dont want to say they know this or acknowledge.

Returning my drivo this saturday. End of story

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