Calibration / Resistance / Wheel Balance Issue

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Calibration / Resistance / Wheel Balance Issue

Postby adrian_eadr » Fri May 22, 2020 1:19 pm

I recently received my pre-order of Elite Suito March 21, 2020 and today I was able to test it and found the following problems:

1. Calibration Issue - In Zwift, it asked me to pedal up to 37kph. However, upon pedaling, calibration went to success in a few seconds without even reaching 5kph and above. I also felt like I didn't put any effort to achieve that 37kph.

2. Resistance Issue - I think this one is connected to the calibration issue. From my experience, a 5% gradient is a heavy effort for my legs and this is coming from a long break of 2 months without exercise. In Zwift, I was maintaining a zone 2 effort but felt the 5% gradient similar to zone 2 effort on flats. The speed did slow down on 5% but my legs didn't feel heavy at all. I also tried to sprint on flats with my heaviest gear ratio, 53-11, but didn't feel any resistance with cadence just skyrocketed above 130. Usually, I'd fade a sprint effort on my heaviest gear with my cadence going down till I can't pedal anymore but the opposite happened. My Zwift difficulty is set on MAX HARD

3. Zwift 1 Month Promo - I've already activated this one-month promo but with this issue on hand I'm thinking of asking for another one because of the time that will be used to fix my Elite Suito Issue.

4. Wheel Balance Issue - If we feel there's an issue with the wheel balance, how can I claim that there is?

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Re: Calibration / Resistance / Wheel Balance Issue

Postby Elite Admin S » Tue Jun 23, 2020 10:56 am


Here we go:

1. Run calibration on my e-training app or software; if the problem appears there also, contact our customer care

2. Without a correct calibration, resistance won't work properly. So, first you have to solve the first point

3. You have to ask to Zwift if it is possible.

4. Contact our customer care with a photo from the back, if there's an unbalance it should be visible


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