The deafening silence from Elite on Nero calibration.

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The deafening silence from Elite on Nero calibration.

Postby gpgrim » Tue May 19, 2020 5:06 am

When will Elite stop ignoring the fact that there are real issues with their products and begin providing support to customers who have invested in their products. There are numerous issues with smart trainer calibrations, and yes I am stuck in this same level of hell now, as my Nero's will not even communicate power to Zwift. Fortunately, it will adjust the slope, and it will make a feeble attempt at running in Erg mode, but accuracy is out the window until it can be calibrated, and yes just like the direct drive trainers, the algorithm controlling resistance make most erg mode training sessions pointless. Far better to just find the right circuit at use your own power meter to get a solid workout in. Very very disappointing.

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Re: The deafening silence from Elite on Nero calibration.

Postby Elite Admin S » Thu May 21, 2020 10:27 am


Calibration on Nero is a little more delicate compared to other trainers.

As you can easily understand, the variables involved are more than on a direct drive.
Friction can vary based on weight of the rider, width and material of the tire, length of the frame of the bike.
Also, it is heavily influenced by the barycenter of the rider and they way he pedal on the trainer (for example, if it does or not zig-zag on the drums).
Finally, the condition in which are the belts is very important.

These are the rules for a proper calibration:

- the trainer must be cool; this means that it has to not have been used at least in the previous 2 hours and it must have been kept folded
- calibration must be done immediately as you unfold the trainer. Don't wait minutes or the belts will adapt and calibration will be less accurate.
- when you start the calibration... go immediately for it! Don't pedal for minutes before start the calibration, accelerate immediately!
- you have to reach a quite high speed (around 40km/h) so prepare your bike with a proper gear and reach quickly that speed
- don't repeat calibration few times in a raw: only the first value you get is valid!

If you still are having accuracy issues:
1. check to have the latest version of the firmware using our Upgrado app
2. contact our customer care at


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Re: The deafening silence from Elite on Nero calibration.

Postby gpgrim » Fri May 22, 2020 7:05 am

In my particular case, when I attempt to calibrate with Zwift, I select the Zwift calibration tool and follow the instructions. At the point where I am instructed to pedal up to a certain speed, 37 kph, and then allow the trainer to spin down, the Zwift program instructs me to maintain my speed and not allow the trainer to spin down. If I hold the speed for 10 min. or more, I'm never instructed to allow the trainer to spin down. If I instead let the trainer to spin down, I get a message indicating that something has failed.

Even without the calibration on Zwift, if I try to use the trainer as a powermeter in a Zwift ride, it always returns 0 W. it's as if there is something wrong with the power telemetry between the trainer and the Zwift program. I don't have this issue with my Stages power meter, or my TacX Neo, both of which I use with the same computer running the Zwift app.

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Re: The deafening silence from Elite on Nero calibration.

Postby bikesteff » Wed Dec 09, 2020 9:46 pm

I think that it is not possible to calibrate it via Zwift - d'ont ask me why but I have also tried it several times. You can only calibrate it via the MyETraining Elite app. I also tried different spin down values and measured the Watt at 30 km/h and got a nice linear regression for spin down values between 800 and 7000 sec. (I assume that those are seconds).

What I am interested in is how the calibration error is influenced by speed (I could measure that but I forgot) and pitch of hills. I would expect that in the latter case the Watt value is more influenced by the riders waight and not the spin down the steeper the hills are. So spin down is more important for high speeds in the planes than for hill riding or is that too easy?


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