Nero Smart Rollers doesn't work properly

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Nero Smart Rollers doesn't work properly

Postby cannonrider » Sun Jun 02, 2019 6:37 pm

I bought Nero smart roller trainer a week ago and using it for Zwift and TrainerRoad but Nero's resistance doesn't changing according to the target power (Trainer Road) or gradient (Zwift).

So, i did calibration few times and "Power Meter Link" option but still same.
The Nero's power reading accuracy isn't too bad compare to my bike power meter (Pioneer dual power meter).

Please let me know how to synchronize the Nero roller's resistance with training application such as Zwift and Traing Road.


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Re: Nero Smart Rollers doesn't work properly

Postby dwtrux » Wed Jun 19, 2019 9:41 pm

I have tried the Power Meter Link up as well and got 0 on any app I was using. However, I was able to connect my power meter pedals directly to My E Training app as another sensor instead. Not sure how to use the Power Meter Link section of the parameters in the My E app or why the watts go to 0 when you do have that set up. May be because I am using a Bluetooth connection to iPad and not an Ant+ FE-C to a computer etc.

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Re: Nero Smart Rollers doesn't work properly

Postby Superonik » Wed Jul 17, 2019 9:19 pm

I have the same problem , no resistance change in TrainerRoad.
Do you have a solution ?
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Re: Nero Smart Rollers doesn't work properly

Postby » Wed Jul 24, 2019 4:53 pm

I’ve been using a Kickr on the Trainerroad platform for a couple years, and I just picked up a new Nero. The connection of the Kickr was amazingly easy, but I tried for a couple hours last night to get the Nero working without success. I’m using a current Samsung S9 via Bluetooth and it recognizes the Nero instantly. When I try to do a spindown it gives me "Spindown Calibration Failed Calibration attempt timed out" error every time. I tried it about 15 times, rebooted the phone, Nero, etc. When I tested a simple workout in ERG mode, the phone wasn’t controlling the Nero since the power displayed was well above the target power.

In the set up app that Elite has, the spindown doesn’t seem to work either. It prompts to “start pedaling” but even after 15 mins of pedaling it still says “start pedaling.” In the setup, it asks for ANT+ or Bluetooth (always defaults to ANT+ it looks like), and I’ve tried both without success.

Any ideas? I appreciate your help!

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Re: Nero Smart Rollers doesn't work properly

Postby gero.dobberstein » Sat May 02, 2020 3:26 pm

I had three Neros. All of them got the power measurement slow down issue. Within Zwift I could pair the Stages power meter at my bike via Blue Tooth directly to the Notebook/Zwift. But at first you have to pair the Nero (power, cadence and controllable), unpair Neros power and cadence (leave controllable still paired!) and after this pair the Stages power and cadence. This works fine within Zwift rides/races (but not in Zwift workouts using the ergo mode of the Nero). The ergo mode within MyEtraining also not will work properly if the Neros power measurement issue is present.
Unfortunately I had no success to pair the Stages power meter directly to the Nero using the MyEtraining settings. How to do this (which setting)? E.g. the heart rate sensor setting in MyEtraining is not named/labelled "heart rate" (-:who translated this stuff into English?!-).
I am in contact with the Elite customer service (e-mails) to clarify why the Neros power measurement slows down. I hope that they can help me, also with the issue that I could not pair the Stages power meter to the Nero ("Power Link...").

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Re: Nero Smart Rollers doesn't work properly

Postby Elite Admin S » Thu May 21, 2020 10:29 am


Calibration on Nero is a little more delicate compared to other trainers.

As you can easily understand, the variables involved are more than on a direct drive.
Friction can vary based on weight of the rider, width and material of the tire, length of the frame of the bike.
Also, it is heavily influenced by the barycenter of the rider and they way he pedal on the trainer (for example, if it does or not zig-zag on the drums).
Finally, the condition in which are the belts is very important.

These are the rules for a proper calibration:

- the trainer must be cool; this means that it has to not have been used at least in the previous 2 hours and it must have been kept folded
- calibration must be done immediately as you unfold the trainer. Don't wait minutes or the belts will adapt and calibration will be less accurate.
- when you start the calibration... go immediately for it! Don't pedal for minutes before start the calibration, accelerate immediately!
- you have to reach a quite high speed (around 40km/h) so prepare your bike with a proper gear and reach quickly that speed
- don't repeat calibration few times in a raw: only the first value you get is valid!

If you still are having accuracy issues or any issues with the calibration:
1. check to have the latest version of the firmware using our Upgrado app
2. contact our customer care at


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