power curve too steep

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power curve too steep

Postby griff99 » Thu Jun 20, 2019 11:10 pm

Hi there

I've ridden my new turbo muin for a couple of sessions now, and my feeling is that the power curve is way too steep. I am riding with a really close sprocket range (12-25) and yet the gaps in resistance as i go up the gears are so big that it makes training to a specific power/hr almost impossible. That makes the trainer useless with apps like TrainerRoad

As an example, I am riding with 80rpm on 50/23 at 80rpm, the power registered is around 200W. As soon as I shift up to 50/21, keeping same cadence, the power jumps to around 265W

1. Is that normal?
2. Can it be controlled using the belt tension?
3. Is it the same curve on the Turno? I could consider replacing it

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