New out of the box

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New out of the box

Postby » Sun Jan 20, 2019 2:39 pm

Hi just bought the Turbo Muin new from Halfords uk milton keynes
I had the earlier version.
My mio cyclo head unit was showing speeds of 110MPH?
I trying to get it to sync with my tablet but tablet cant seen bluetooth?
nothing showing what I should be looking for or even what devices are going to work?
Checked the Misuro which is showing twelve blinks... ( really is a piece of crap )
what a joke... A five year old might have dreamed up something better...
So what now do I take it all back to Halfords and get something else?
At this price point, I should be able to pull it out of the box and use it, I have been wasting so much time on this, that my other half is getting funny with me. I really do not believe that you people live in the real world or just do not give a monkey about your customers.

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