Wheel circumference with Garmin Vivoactive

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Wheel circumference with Garmin Vivoactive

Postby Jolly Jumper » Mon Oct 29, 2018 12:45 pm

Hi Elite Team

I am using a Turno trainer connected with a Garmin vivoactive 3. I have to type in the wheel circumference on my vivoactive 3, but there is a problem with it.
You announce the correct wheel circumference for the Turno with 15.34, but I can´t type a point or a comma on the watch. Also I can´t type 0015, because 2 times zero after eacht other doesn´t work on the watch.
Which unit are the 15.34? Are they meant in inches? That would make sense and I could use a circumference of 389 mm to get the correct speed and distance.

Also I have installed the apps Strava and the sufferfest on my mobile devices. These apps are working with your Misuro B sensor within the Turno trainer, but they also don´t display the speed and distance. Thy show only the power and the cadence. Also they stop to record my training after some seconds and go into auto pause mode.
What will I have to do to get the 2 missing values measured, displayed and recorded? Or does this only work with the Elite my training app?

I have ordered an ANT+ dongle to connect my notebook with the trainer. Maybe that will help in some way.

Can you please give me a feedback on the above mentioned questions? Thanks in advance.


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