KURA - settings wahoo roam

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KURA - settings wahoo roam

Postby maserati3 » Mon Mar 23, 2020 8:54 pm

I own the kura and I want to:

-) calibrate it (so I get correct power readings),
-) set up properly with my bike computer (in order to obtain accurate cadence / power & speed).

The paring has been done via the app (my etraining) but here already started first isssues. Almost no intent was possible in order to calibrate the power - it only wrote in the app (start pedaling, pedal faster - but after 40-50 seconds I gave up). I tried this many many times - but without success. So calibration process - is a mess with my unit.

Then I did a workout without exactly knowing about how precise is the value given, after 8 minutes or so - it showed up power values between 580 - 1300 watts even I was pedaling very easy.

Can someone please support me with my problems? I am not a big fan of indoor riding, but this really makes me mad - as I just simply want to train & have the setup done correct.

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