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Elite Drivo has stopped working in ERG mode on Zwift

Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2018 8:38 pm
by franklin.yawn
I have been having issues with my Elite Drivo and Zwift work outs for a couple of months now. The unit has stopped working in ERG mode. It is as if the brake doesn't exsist and it is in free ride. For example this morning I road in 50/25 (cad 90) or 50/28 (cad 100) just to be able to meet a 175 watt requirement. ERG mode was turned on in Zwift but it was as if the trainer didn't care. To meet the low watts of 110 and 120 I had to go to 34/17 or 15. This started happening a few months ago and I thought I had fixed it as things started working some what normally for a couple of workouts. Now it is back to this insanity.

When I first got the Drivo I could do ERG mode in 50/xx all day long usually a 50/15 or 13 and its worked perfectly. I have been connecting using the FE-c choices to control both Power and the trainer.

Please help! I do not believe it is a Zwift issue. The resistance works in normal ride mode just fine.

Re: Elite Drivo has stopped working in ERG mode on Zwift

Posted: Tue Aug 28, 2018 10:26 am
by Elite Admin S
Hi Franklin

Did you try the trainer in power mode using our my e-training app or software?
If it works well there and it also works properly with Zwift simulation mode, there must be something wrong with Zwift software.