Elite crono emag inout trainer - zwift connection

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Elite crono emag inout trainer - zwift connection

Postby cokceken » Wed Jan 16, 2019 12:08 pm


I have an elite crono trainer, it is second hand and it didn't come with any cable or external device. So I am trying to make it work for zwift(even if it does not work with zwift, I want to change resistance setting to match zwift criteria for calculated power)

I found an adapter with 12V ~ 1.5A output and it seems like working, but I couldn't connect using ant+ or bluetooth. There is a telephone plug input on the device but I couldn't find what to do with it.

I believe my device is this -> https://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/10533/p ... ainer.aspx

Any information about what and how to do something is useful for me at this point. I am also adding an image of the trainer.

Thanks in advance.
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