Ant+ Dongle Dramas!

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Ant+ Dongle Dramas!

Postby Thor69 » Fri Oct 12, 2018 8:01 pm

As if living at the end of a Norwegian fjord was not bad enough for broadband speed (one very thin copper wire 14 km long...) my Ant+/iOS devices cannot communicate with one another and I read conflicting solutions.

Setting up my Kura B trainer with an iOS device I have the issue of the Elite App not receiving heart rate information as it is from a Garmin Ant + chest belt, (for use with an Edge 1000 computer). The solution should be simple, utilising an Ant+ dongle with a Heath-Robinson 30 pin/lightning adapter. Not so according to Garmin who believe that my chest belt may not communicate with the device and not necessarily so according to Apple as my iPhone and iPad Mini are not sufficiently old enough to be supported by the software!

You can imagine the sound of my "Aaaaggghhhhsss" across the fjord as I battle with technology, interspersed with "why wasn't the ******** dongle supplied with the turbo?"

Has anybody had a similar issue and if so is my suggested solution workable?

Thoughts please.

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Re: Ant+ Dongle Dramas!

Postby Elite Admin S » Thu Oct 18, 2018 12:52 pm

Hi Thor69

Thorny issue :(

iOs devices doesn't suppor ant+ autonomously.
To connect their sensors, Wahoo some times ago has produced an ant+ dongle for iOS devices. It's this one: ... ss-ant-key

We decided to propose this dongle to our customers as well (and we still have it in our shop).
This dongle worked well for some time. Then, with a recent version of iOS, some users started having compatibility problems.
Some users are able to use it without problems, some needs to unplug it and plug it again after a restart of the phone, some are not able to use it at all. Only the customers with old version of iOS (for example iPad 1 & 2 users) have no problems at all.
Wahoo knows the problem, but til now they don't have a solution.

So, in this moment, we don't suggest to buy this dongle to users with recent iOS devices.
The best solution is to buy a bluetooth smart HR belt (it is also less expensive than buying the dongle and the adapter).

Hope to have been clear

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Re: Ant+ Dongle Dramas!

Postby dls072 » Tue Jan 29, 2019 5:19 am

I had the same issue and was told by Zwift that récent Apple iOS updates made it so the ANT+ 30 pin adapter combination doesn’t work anymore.

They have suggested buying the NPE Cable ANT + to BLE or 4iiii bridge.

I bought a Misuro B+ sensor instead, just have to figure out how to calibrate it.

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