Elite Real TurboMuin two questions

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Elite Real TurboMuin two questions

Postby cagger30 » Tue Apr 14, 2020 3:27 pm


First of all – I can't find any instructions for this trainer – I'm sure they are somewhere but it is very difficult to find. When you try the search function here you told that words such as "instructions", "manual", and one or two others are so frequently used that they are not suitable terms in the database. I must say I'd suggest that they were frequently used search terms because nobody can find the documents.

I know that the search function can be configured and I would suggest that instructions and manual be removed from the words which can't be searched.

Anyway could somebody please link me to the instructions for this trainer – not the B+ – simply the ordinary <30000 trainer.

Second question is, can someone tell me if this trainer can be controlled by the Zwift software.

And actually there's a third question – what is the advantage of fitting the Misuro Bluetooth module to this trainer.

It may well be that all of these questions are answered in the manual – but as I have pointed out, it's very difficult to find and you can't use the search function to ask where it is.

Finally here's a suggestion for the administrators of this forum, I suggest that you open up another sub-forum with one thread dedicated to each set of instructions. You can lock each thread so it simply contains a link to the relevant instructions. I'm sure you would please a lot of people – and save yourself a lot of time.


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Re: Elite Real TurboMuin two questions

Postby Elite Admin S » Thu May 28, 2020 12:03 pm


Are you sure you have a Real Turbo Muin and not a Turbo Muin?

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