Cadence Sensor - What KIND of 2.5mm plug ??

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Cadence Sensor - What KIND of 2.5mm plug ??

Postby heviiguy » Mon Feb 03, 2020 7:02 pm

Can somebody please tell me what kind of fitting is used to connect the cadence sensor to the RealAxiom resistance unit? Yes, I've seen the "2.5 mm" spec. However, at least 2 types exist:

- 2.5 mm "mono audio jack" style
- 2.5 mm "barrel" style (similar to the power supply fitting)

I've actually tried both. The initial jack fitting didn't "click" into place. Connecting the barrel fitting was better but, it did not present a cadence value. I'm concerned that I may have a bigger problem because without either, the "internaI" algorithm seems to be awry since I don't have any indication of cadence when I ride :( .

Many thanks in advance.

* Yes, the cadence sensor output works; the contacts open and close as they should.

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