RealTour Ant+ not recognised Real & BKool

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RealTour Ant+ not recognised Real & BKool

Postby RajK » Mon Jan 27, 2020 11:42 pm

I have a RealTour Ant+ trainer which I have used in the past. It can connect fine with my old Windows 7 laptop and Elite Ant dongle using the latest Real software. The red light flashes then the trainer buzzes and the red light stays on whilst the Real software detects a connection & the connection icon becomes highlighted. The trainer then works.
When I disconnect and try to use BKool on the same laptop I cannot connect even if I restart the laptop from fresh and just try BKool.
I have used the (latest) Real software on another Windows 10 laptop (clean install of Windows) but I get no joy in connecting the Real software. The ANT dongle is detected but the trainer cannot be found. This is the same problem using the latest Bkool software. 18 months ago I could connect with the older BKool software. The ANT+ dongle is recognised by Real and BKool and the device manager show the drivers are loaded correctly on both laptops.
The trainer works as it functions on the older laptop the ANT dongle also appears to work.
I do not understand why I cannot get BKool to work on the same laptop or Real & BKool to work on the newer laptop.
I have tried over the past month connecting, disconnecting, removing the drivers, reinstalling the software, using an ANT+ phone but I cannot still get the trainer to be recognised, except on the old Windows 7 laptop using the Real software. As far as I am aware there is no firmware update and the other software and newer laptop should work regardless by ANT+.

I really need some help as the problem is really frustrating and stopping me undertaking any training. It is really disappointing that the trainer will become useless - I will have to buy a different trainer and will look to other manufacturers if this cannot be resolved.

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