Real Turbo Muin B+ - power drops out after 30 min - overheating?

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Real Turbo Muin B+ - power drops out after 30 min - overheating?

Postby joe.twelmeyer » Mon Dec 16, 2019 2:41 pm

My trainer has been working perfectly... until 30 minutes in. I am riding on Zwift, connected on ANT+, averaging 240 watts with peaks of 700 watts. For the last 3 workouts, almost to the minute, after 30 minutes the power drops to 0. Power still shows as connected in the Zwift pairing screen. Cadence from the trainer still connected and registers accurately. My ANT+ HRM still registers fine. I try to restart the program, but everything remains as before the restart. Only thing that works is to wait for a few hours and then restarting. Is the unit overheating? I feel the casing of the flywheel, it is a bit warmer than room temp, maybe 80F. How can i prevent this? Its not like I'm blasting this machine with tons of Watts or huge interval changes. Is there oil it needs? place a fan near the flywheel?

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