Qubo Digital Smart B+ ERG not working

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Qubo Digital Smart B+ ERG not working

Postby marfiakt » Thu Jan 24, 2019 9:47 pm


two weeks ago i bought Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ home trainer. My problem is that ERG mode is not working at expected. I have 12 month membership to myETraining app. I dont have problem to pair my trainer with application. The problem is, that in ERG mode resistance of my trainer do not change to target power. I can feel that resistance is working till approximately 130W and no more. For example when i open myEtrainig app and start program mode with segments, the first segment with target of 120W works, but resistance did not change with next segment with target 150W, that means, that trainer do not set target to 150W(with stable cadence ~60 and without changing gears, because i'm in ERG mode). Even when i try power mode, to manualy change power to for example 400W, resistance do not change. I'm connected with bluetooth. I have tried it with desktop app and mobile app, with same problem. I'have try couple of times, restarting app, remove caches, pair trainer with app, i have try almost everything but i have still same problem. Resistance did not change even when i try level mode from mobile app. During the exercise red and blue leds are ligting, green is blinking. I ensured that there is no interference with bluetooth. Cadence and speed looks fine. But resistance not working.
If you need more info, please contact my, because i have no idea how to fix this problem. Thanks

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Re: Qubo Digital Smart B+ ERG not working

Postby danjjl » Sun Oct 27, 2019 11:13 pm

I am affected by the same problem! Do let me know if you find a solution

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Re: Qubo Digital Smart B+ ERG not working

Postby cedric.leclerc » Mon Apr 06, 2020 5:37 pm

Hello everyone,
I have the same issue than you. Did you find a solution please ?
It is too sad to receive new toy blocking at home without complete use.
Thanks a lot !

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