Qubo Digital Smart B+ ERG not working

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Qubo Digital Smart B+ ERG not working

Postby marfiakt » Thu Jan 24, 2019 12:17 am

Hi guys,

i bought Qubo Digital Smart B+ two weeks ago and after few rides i have realized that my ERG mode is not working correctly because it did not change watts higher than ~150W.
For example, when i try one training from program mode in myEtraining app, for segments with target power higher than ~150W resistance did not change. I cannot hit target power like 210W because resistance did not change at stable cadence ~60. the resistance stuck at 150w, when i raise cadence to 90 its changed, but this should be job of the trainer to automatically change resistance at stable cadence. I have the same problem when i try it with zwift. My resistance is working till 150w, but not for higher targets. Do you guys know, where could be the problem?


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