Drivo Erg Mode

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Re: Drivo Erg Mode

Postby linkn » Thu Oct 01, 2020 12:15 pm

you are not alone, I have the same situation as you and cannot fix it

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Re: Drivo Erg Mode

Postby mike.landmann » Mon Oct 05, 2020 11:47 am

Here's my advice if you don't want to add the software to change the drivo response times

Ignore the Zwift instruction to reduce or increase the power in erg mode. It is nonsense to recieve this instruction in erg mode anyway.

If you are moving to a higher power section, don't expect an immediate increase in resistance at the start of a section. Just keep pedaling at your normal cadence and the resistance will gradually increase over the first 5 seconds.

Likewise at the end of a section, don't expect the resistance to decrease immediately. Keep at your normal cadence and the resistance will steadily drop. If you do reduce your effort immediately the section ends then you will find you can't turn the pedals.

If you are doing one of those 10 second maximums on Zwift, you have two choices. First choice is to flip to non erg mode on the companion app for that 10 seconds. Second choice is to build to your maximum in the first 5 seconds and keep it going for 5 seconds after the segment has ended.
The disadvantage of the second choice is that you probably will not get a star, not very important as you are still doing the effort. If you really want the star them switching erg off and on is the way forward.

It does get a bit more complicated on Zwift group rides and races. At times you might find you want to speed up to catch up with the group in front, the first 5 seconds of effort doesn't do very much, and if you keep the power on you may overshoot the bunch in front. The answer is to back off the power a bit before you meet the next group.

Actually all smart trainers do have a delay like the Drivo, most of them take a few seconds less than the Drivo to catch up with the resistance changes though.

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Re: Drivo Erg Mode

Postby humphuk » Fri Oct 16, 2020 8:16 am

Thanks Mike ...... I was struggling with the 10s bursts in Zwift - and using the ERG mode change in the Zwift companion. Your observations are useful - as we are all hunting for a solution - but sometimes you just have to suck it up - and get on with it. (leaving us to consider "fitness for purpose" for the Drivo and structured training).

The OTHER ERG issue I have in Zwift is that during an hour session - during a constant segment the resistance slowly drops off for about 20 seconds .... and then recovers slowly? Nothing I am doing (no change of cadence etc) and I am running over ANT+ with the ANT+ dongle near the Drivo.

Is this a known "feature"?

I will check to see if it occurs over BT - and on other platforms

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Re: Drivo Erg Mode

Postby mike.landmann » Thu Nov 19, 2020 11:05 pm

Not sure if anyone is still following this thread...

I recently applied the JSON file to my Drivo 1, mostly because when racing on RGT it was hard to stay in the draft without surging ahead then dropping behind the riders in front.

It seems to have made quite a lot of difference and also sorted out the slow erg response.

I haven't found any downsides.

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Re: Drivo Erg Mode

Postby stuart.hendry76 » Thu Nov 26, 2020 11:01 am

Out of interest, have you tried ERG sessions in the small chainring?

I have a Drivo Mk1 and was having the same issue with power fluctuating around the required level on ERG workouts. I read on another forum to use the small chainring and this works perfectly. I also changed power smoothing to 10 using the Elite App.

It takes around 10 seconds to reach the level required and holds it there within 2-3 watts as the cadence fluctuates, which is of course realistic as it's impossible to hold the exact same level of watts over an extended period.
I prefer it to ramp over 10 seconds or so to the high watts level on an interval so it's not like hitting a wall.

Added bonus that it levels the amount of wear on the chainrings as people spend most time in the large chainring in real riding.

From a workout I did on Zwift earlier.

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