Drivo Erg Mode

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Re: Drivo Erg Mode

Postby benjamin.debray » Wed Feb 10, 2021 9:10 pm

I just opened a ticket as well to try and get this firmware file. I have been dealing with this erg mode issue for years.

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Re: Drivo Erg Mode

Postby mike.landmann » Mon Feb 15, 2021 10:48 am

mgfjd wrote:
keir.stiegler wrote:Just to add my experience:

I reached out to Elite support via the myETraining program. Various trainer details were automatically included in my request, so I didn't have to do a separate training session. I heard back from Elite within 24 hours, I sent the serial number via email, and they sent me a new .json file to upload via the Upgrado app. I used an Android phone and the upload went smoothly. I actually went through the upload three times because it happened so quickly and with so little feedback in the app that I almost didn't think anything happened. However, as soon as I started riding the trainer, it became very clear that new firmware had executed correctly as the Drivo responsiveness was VASTLY IMPROVED!! Like others had noted, prior to the update, it would take nearly 10 seconds to achieve the target power in a Zwift workout, and changing cadence (e.g. from 85 to 115) either had to be done 20 seconds prior to or 10 seconds after the target power increase, or else the Drivo would swing wildly above and below the target power. After the new firmware, target power changes happened in <5 seconds, regardless of cadence! The steadiness of the trainer in holding a target power also seems to have been improved, which I was happy to see. I could also hear the trainer motor adjusting far more frequently during my warm-up.

I think 10 second intervals are much more doable now. 30/30 intervals are a piece of cake (from the trainer perspective, anyway...) and anything longer is very steady, varying no more than 10% or 30w at the absolute maximum (which is rare) and typically staying within +/-5w of the target power if my cadence is smooth enough.

I would absolutely reach out to Elite if you find this thread and are disappointed with the Drivo's responsiveness, because the firmware they sent me is 100x better! It almost feels like a new trainer again!

Would you mind sending us the link to the file?

There's a link on page 15 on this thread

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