Issue with Drivo resistance and unability to calibrate

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Issue with Drivo resistance and unability to calibrate

Postby Davbator » Fri Dec 13, 2019 12:13 am

I am using my Drivo trainer for almost one year now and I had no major trouble until last week end.
Now, the trainer resistance is permanently very very high. I mean, it is so hard to pedal I can only use the smallest front chainring and the largest sprocket and even if my ftp is over 270 my speed will remain below 10 km/h just like when I am in Le Mt Ventoux for hours.
I did some test with MyEtraining but if I can change the power from 100W to 600W in the application, the resistance on the trainer still looks the same.

So, I can even not perform the Trainer calibration step since I cannot accelerate as requested. And the calibration fails.
I listened to the trainer and it makes no unusual mechanical noise. I am just noticing the same noise when I turn it on for some seconds and quite the same noise each time the resistance should change due to steepness of the road or when I adjust it in a MyEtraining session.

After reading some literature about Drivo trainers and resistance issues I tried today to add a little bit of grease on the belt as suggested. But it made no difference to my problem.

Consequently, according to this high resistance endured I am also stuck to a low cadence below 60 rpm.

If the issue is not about mechanical, is there a way to reset the soft settings or something around the electronic card ?
Could you help me to solve this problem please ?

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