Another ERG query

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Another ERG query

Postby new2drivo » Fri Feb 08, 2019 7:09 pm

Hi, I'm aware from the forum posts there seems to be an issue with Drivo (and Drivo II) regarding ERG mode and in particular the slow response to reach/settle on target power, which is most evident on short power bursts such as VO2 max/sprint internals 15-25 sec making these nigh on impossible to complete successfully. (Anyone on Trainerroad, the Spanish Needle -3 is good example!!)

So just to throw it out there has anyone actually been successfully able to get their drivo set up to do these properly and if so share what setting they've applied in their trainer configuration to get it responding a bit faster.

The only setting I've fiddled with was the 'Power smoothing' - have tried 10sec, 5 sec and 2 sec. Not sure this directly affects and speed of response from the trainer or if it just smooths/averages out the power data for those ranges, but in any case I settled on 2 sec 'seeming' to be the better option, but don't think its made these sprint drills any more doable.

Any advice much appreciated.

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