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Re: Drivo II - ERG control extremely slow

Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 6:42 pm
by domas
Hi guys. Thx for this thread.

I also have the problems with my ERG mode similar to yours.
Today (7th of Feb) I have installed new update of myETraining app on OSX.

I have:
- opened the app
- connected to my trainer via Bluetooth
- changed Power Smothing to 1 (the default is 2) - this part was strange it required me to do it 3 times as I have been getting timeouts when doing it
- I have created new workout 1min blocks 100W, 200W, 100W, 300W, 100W, 350W

Results are:
78,0.414000,18.887970,200.000000,0.000000,73.000000 (18 sec)
138,0.743000,20.643089,107.000000,0.000000,80.000000 (18 sec)
188,1.016000,19.438105,275.000000,0.000000,75.000000 (8/9 sec)
261,1.422000,20.231051,108.000000,0.000000,77.000000 (20 sec)
308,1.689000,20.011366,340.000000,0.000000,79.000000 (8 sec)

So sometimes it is able to get arout 8 sec but usually it is around this magical 17-18sec.

BTW what version you have (you can check in myEtraining app when you press contact) I have

- Version: 1.3 (88)

Re: Drivo II - ERG control extremely slow

Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 8:21 pm
by YeoYeo
Hey @scoob. Thanks for your efforts in chasing this up. Really frustrated with the ERG response on my Drivo II. Thought I was buying “the best”, but looks like there’s definitely a reaction time problem. Mine is taking between 10-15 seconds to settle on power target which is not ideal if the workout you are trying to do demands short intense intervals. I find this gets worse if the workout asks for a change in cadence. What would be good if we could have a benchmark workout that we can all do and send to Elite Support for them to comment on.
Would you mind posting the Support email address you managed to find please?
Hoping this can be resolved soon. Considering where we stand in terms of returning the product if it does not deliver what it was meant to.

Re: Drivo II - ERG control extremely slow

Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 10:20 pm
by Nemysys
Thursday 7th Feb Ticket No: 48898...

Some testing to do...

Re: Drivo II - ERG control extremely slow

Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2019 6:08 pm
by new2drivo
Hi Scoob. Another frustrated Drivo (1) user here :-(

Have been following a Trainerroad plan - base phase was mainly sweetspot so long steady intervals and ERG worked well.

But now I'm into 'build' block and its got a good few short sprint/microburst workouts with efforts of 15-25 secs usually going from low power 40-60%ftp straight to 140% ftp with same short recovery in between (Spanish Needle -3 as an example).

Bottom line is it is impossible to complete the sets as prescribed. If keep cadence steady and let the resistence/power 'come to you' then its at least 10secs before getting to target so only 5 secs of work at the expected power. Have tried accelerating in to the interval to 'jumpstart' the power - usually this results in being way over target initially so the trainer backs of the resistance which then drops well below target so to get back you end yup pedalling harder, which naturally results in pedalling faster and all of a sudden you're at 140/150 rpm as the trainer doesn't apply the resistance cos the speed has increase. Have also tried going deliberately slow into interval so again have to push what feels like extra power to get up (and usually well past target befor settling in/around target but at least this way the revs stay manageable. The only way I'm getting close is to really try and use feel/judgement of what pressure the target power feels like through the pedals/feel and pre-empt the intervals again to just nudge the power/cadence up to roughtly where I think the trainer will eventually land - required a lot of focus/smoothness - which is really what the ERG mode on the trainer should be doing to allow you to use all your focus with the job in hand of getting the workout done properly.

Would be great to hear if anyone on the Drivo IS managing to complete these type of workouts successfully and if they could share the settings they have applied to the driver parameters/config.

Cheers - hope Elite take some notice of your growing list on this post!!….

Re: Drivo II - ERG control extremely slow

Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2019 7:49 pm
by new2drivo
Another vanish post so I'll try again....

Hi Scoob , yes add me to the Drivo list. Have just started the build plan on trainerroad which has a lot of VO2max/sprint type intervals, and I'm finding it impossible to complete any of these type of workouts as prescribed in ERG mode. If anyone is familiar with 'Spanish Needle-3' as an example. This is sets of 'microbursts going from 40%ftp to 140% ftp 15 sec on/off - but the time the trainer gets to stabilize at target power there usually only about 5 secs or less left of the interval. Have tried connected via Ant+ and Bluetooth but same result, ie cant do these workouts in ERG mode.

Hope you get some joy fro Elite with the mounting list of names having this issue...cheers

Re: Drivo II - ERG control extremely slow

Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2019 6:20 pm
by scoob
Sounds good @nemensys. I’ve had no reply to my definition of the problem. Disappointed after a week
Have begun the return process. Such a shame as there are positives to this trainer as we would expect of course.

Re: Drivo II - ERG control extremely slow

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 11:32 am
by blaxn

Ich habe seit kurzem auch einen Direto II.
Im ERG-MODUS funktioniert auch alles super. Ann ich aber in Zwift nur eine normale Tour fahren will, kommt es zu einem "unrunden Tritt". Damit meine ich, dass sekundenweise der Widerstand normal ist und dann stärker wird. Woran kann das liegen?

Re: Drivo II - ERG control extremely slow

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 7:39 pm
by YeoYeo
So I've carried out 2 customised workouts using My E-training app as suggested. First using Bluetooth connection, and then repeated using ANT. No other sensors (power or cadence used) so should be no interference. Both gave almost identical results with trainer taking 11-15 seconds to adjust to correct power level. I believe this is way too long for Elites top level trainer. I have sent my files to and received an automated response.
Hoping for a fix before end of Feb, otherwise I too will be considering returning the turbo.

Re: Drivo II - ERG control extremely slow

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 1:02 pm
by scoob
Ok sorry. A few posts to reply to.
This is great. Thanks everyone.

The support email address I’ve used is

I’ve now had a reply which I’ll post here in a bit. Asking me to create a new configuration, re do a calibration and then run that 6min test for them.

By the time I got that reply I had already initiated the returns process for mine. Which shop are doing so my trainer will be heading back this week. In meantime still doing the diagnostics for them but disappointed it took so long and seemed to need this group effort to start getting replies.

Re: Drivo II - ERG control extremely slow

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 1:13 pm
by scoob
@yeoyeo yes, I’ve now run the diagnostics too (just using ANT via Windows PC).
Interestingly when I went in to do it, the myETraining app needed updated. No info on what was changed but it updates anyway (bizarrely with an error saying it couldn’t install, even though it did - not tested that well then !)
My diagnostic test following the Elite requirement, was also with power smoothing set to 1. Also took multiple attempts to set that.
Delay was still there so have sent the file, the calibration result to Elite.

The email address was a myETraining email (posted in previous post and forgotten it already !)

@new2drivo yes same problem then and yes hopefully we’re seeing some movement now. But still no wider acknowledgement which I find just weird.
I have one retail company now querying direct with Elite on this as well now as they understand the issue.
I don’t know the version number of the windows software sorry. Will check later. It upgraded last night though to a new version.