Direto w/ 11 Speed Shimano 105

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Direto w/ 11 Speed Shimano 105

Postby oaspiazu » Sat Jun 16, 2018 4:12 pm


I'm having problems to configure my new Elite Direto. I have setup according to the manual but the chain of the bike makes noise and I cannot use the smallest sprockets of the cassete. When I put the original wheel in the bike, everything works perfectly. I need to say both the bike and the Elite Direto are new (my problem is only with the Direto, like something is not right alighned when I put the bike on the Direto).

Both cassetes (bike and installed on Directo's), are the same (Shimano 105 11v). I'm attaching photos of everything (I can only attach 3 photos but I have photos from the original wheel, bike on the Direto and a photo of the pieces I haven't used). The bike mounts also a q-ring as you can see

Can you help me? I'm a bit worried since I don't know what is happening. Everything seems to be installed fine.
I have sent a query using the website for the technical support but I cannot attach photos using the forms

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Re: Direto w/ 11 Speed Shimano 105

Postby Elite Admin S » Wed Jun 20, 2018 10:47 am

Please check the cassette.
It must be well fixed, with no plays at all. If needed, you can add another spacer.
Let us know it this helped.

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