Direto w/ 11 speed Ultegra

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Direto w/ 11 speed Ultegra

Postby bmac1466 » Tue May 01, 2018 6:01 pm


I bought a Direto back in March, and I use an 11-speed Ultegra cassette (11-28T, same as my road bike). According to the manual and various posts online covering the Direto, I installed the cassette without any spacers.

However, earlier today I was going to take off the cassette to give it a thorough cleaning, and I noticed that I was able to move the cassette a bit along the hub; I can move it about 2-3mm along the hub, but the cassette is firmly held together.

I have experienced, while only a few times, that the chain sometimes skips during a training session. Now I am thinking this is because the cassette is not correctly installed.

Have I installed it improperly? Could/should I need to use the included spacers after all?

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Re: Direto w/ 11 speed Ultegra

Postby Elite Admin S » Wed May 02, 2018 9:22 am


Usually 11-speed cassette doesn't require any spacer, but it also depends on the model.
In your case, it could be necessary to add a spacer (the cassette must be fixed without any play)
Try it and let us know if the problem on the chain is solved.

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