Direto power and cadence data problems

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Direto power and cadence data problems

Postby Diggers » Tue Jan 02, 2018 5:03 pm


Have just set up my brand new Direto. After a huge amount of trial and error (30mins+), I finally managed to calibrate the power meter. I then did an FTP test using Sufferfest and Ant+ (Bluetooth switched off) on my iPad.

My power FTP has averaged at 220-240 watts for the last three years as measured by 3 different Stage crank meters. Sadly all have now died hence deciding to go with a smart trainer as a replacement. However, the FTP test said my power was only 149 Watts. Ordinarily I am not that bothered about relative differences between a stages power meter and smart trainer power test because I will only ever measure power now on the turbo. So so long as the power meter is accurate between session and therefore comparable, I don’t care what the actual ftp is. That said, the reason for buying the direto was the accuracy it promises. However, this is too big a difference.

Secondly, as soon as my power went over 200 Watts, the cadence started doing strange things. I was keeping my cadence pretty consistent at around 88-90 rpm. However, every 30 seconds or so, the cadence would jump from 88 to 120 to over 170 within about a 2-3 second period. To my knowledge it is probably impossible to increase cadence by that much in that time which makes me think the data being transmitted by the Direto is wrong.

I have wheel size set to 173 (despite the my-training app default setting for the direto being 2030 (why? Even Sufferfest knows to default it to 173!!!).

I can’t work out why data could possibly be so inaccurate. Is this a known firmware fault? The app connects to the turbo with no problem so I would assume it would notify me if a firmware update was required.

Any thoughts or is it possibly a malfunction?

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Re: Direto power and cadence data problems

Postby Elite Admin S » Thu Jan 25, 2018 12:17 pm


I see that you are already in contact with our customer care about this issue.
Please go on with them


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