Direto - damaged optical sensors?

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Direto - damaged optical sensors?

Postby shaybecki » Mon Feb 22, 2021 9:11 pm

I tried the "Pulley Gluing Intructions" Procedure. I had problems with removing the pulley. It was stuck hardly but I managed to remove it after very long fight. After that I noticed the bearing behind pulley was moved outside a bit and the whole axle was hard to spin. I've putted the bearing back to its position (few milimeters I think) and everything looked fine after that. I've glued the pulley.
After 1,5 days I putted everyting back together. The sensors are not working.
Speed/Cadence/Power sensor are found, but everything is showing just 0 (zeroes) all the time.
Resistance step motor is working fine, I can change resistance with no problem with my Garmin Edge.
The same situation with Smartphone and PC.
I didn't found any topic like that so I decided to look at sensors (photo attached).
Is it look like scratched (peeled)? Both of the are looking the same, like the teeth scratched the sensor when bearing was moved.
Is there any chance to fix the sensors? Is there any option to replace the sensors or the sensor board?
Can I buy it from Direto or should I look for them online. Which sensors are they?
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