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Wired-Cadence Sensor Kit not working

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 11:50 am
by kaushik.iyer27
Dear Direto & DiretoX users,

I got the wired-Cadence sensor kit from Elite shop and it arrived today. When I connect it to the trainer it does not recognize the sensor. How do I know if the cadence data is being read from the magnet and not "calculated".

When I go to Elite App to configure the Trainer I don't see any cadense sensor number. Have I wasted my money?

Kaushik Iyer

Re: Wired-Cadence Sensor Kit not working

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2020 12:12 pm
by Elite Admin S

The wired sensor doesn't need to be paired in the software. It is not a wireless sensor.
When it is connected, the trainer acknowledge it and stop using the sensorless cadence, reading the data from the sensor instead.

Re: Wired-Cadence Sensor Kit not working

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2020 3:29 am
by haigh.ian
In regards to zwift 'super tuck', where the Direto takes ages to get to the 'super tuck'..... will the wired cadence be what Zwift reads, meaning the 'super tuck' should be more quicky accessible because the cadence readign will drop faster/immediately?

I ask because I just bought the cadence sensor for pedal analysis, but 'super tuck' would be an added bonus.

Re: Wired-Cadence Sensor Kit not working

Posted: Sat Oct 24, 2020 11:42 am
by haigh.ian
I'm also confused here, I just bought and installed the Elite cadence sensor. In the elite app, when I stop pedalling it takes 5-10 seconds for the cadence to drop and return to zero..... so like the opening post, why is this and how do you know how the Direto is measuring cadence to ensure it is from the wired cadence sensor.... if it takes 5-10 seconds to drop post-stopping pedalling then it can't be reading from the cadence sensor.