ELITE Direto VS Tacx Flux (T2900) - What to choose for Zwift??

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ELITE Direto VS Tacx Flux (T2900) - What to choose for Zwift??

Postby AdonisReed » Thu Jun 25, 2020 10:55 am


I want to buy a direct drive home trainer next week. And have tested both the Flux and the Direto, but I can simply not decide what to choose - I did not test them with Zwift or anything else, I could only test the feel not the numbers, with made it hard to compare as I could not be sure I was riding the same watts on both.

I have never used a power meter, and I am planing on using the trainer during the winter so I am I good shape when spring arrives. It is also my first home trainer experience.

The Direto is 20% more expensive than the Flux with the offers I got. But if it is much better I don't mind spending a little extra.

The Kickr Core is too expensive, as well is the Flux 2 - So it is only these two models in question.

What would you choose and why?

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Re: ELITE Direto VS Tacx Flux (T2900) - What to choose for Zwift??

Postby heiko » Sat Jul 04, 2020 3:05 pm

Feature-wise both trainers (Direto and Tacx Flux) are rather similar while the Diretos powermeter is more accurate.
If you want to have a more detailed comparison you should check out the reviews at DC Rainmaker.
One isue: Elite basically doesn't release software updates. For example, the old Direto never got any update. Instead, they claim it's bugfree which it most probably isn't (have a look at this forum). For this reason i ordered a Kickr Core and will sell the Direto - i am one of the unlucky ones with a persistent bug.

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Re: ELITE Direto VS Tacx Flux (T2900) - What to choose for Zwift??

Postby Elite Admin S » Mon Jul 06, 2020 10:44 am

Hi Heiko

This is not correct. We do release updates of our trainer firmware if necessary.
We've the Upgrado app for this reason. We recently released updates for Nero, Suito and Zumo (for example).
Direto didn't need an update, yet.

I would like also to say that our customer care works hard to try to solve any issue that may happens with our products.
Things are a little more complicated when the issue appears on third party applications instead of our, like in your case. This because we cannot debug it. But we are always available to collaborate with other companies to solve this kind of situation. Of course we will do more test also with Sufferfest to try to understand the cause of the issue (which is very strange, as level mode works properly with my e-training and the command is the same, as Sufferfest uses the same standard protocol).

So, I'm sorry if something hasn't worked in your case and I apologize for this. We can always improve.


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