Power too high

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Power too high

Postby haigh.ian » Mon Jun 03, 2019 11:23 pm

After using my Direto for 12 months and thinking I had a high FTP/w/kg, I have now realised that my Direto is reading power too high, and it appears to be consistent, about 25-30% too high consistently.

I have recalibrated the training using the elite app, but the power readings are the same.

I am comparing against a stages power meter that I just bought. At first, I blamed the Stages power meter, returned it and Stages sent me a new one fresh from the supplier. However, the stages are the same, form me this confirms that the Direto is reading too high.

This makes sense because, according to the Direto Power my fitness is around 4.6w/kg, however in social rides/races I cannot keep up with riders of a much lower w/kg. I now realise why my FTP is probably 30% lower than I realised.

How can I adjust the Direto to read lower? The difference/overreading is consistent so I'm hoping there is some kind of adjustment I can make.

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