Elite Direto - NOT LEVEL - New Travel Block???

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Elite Direto - NOT LEVEL - New Travel Block???

Postby arranj » Thu Apr 04, 2019 10:45 am

I've been having real trouble with getting my turbo level.
Being that I have an Elite Trainer, I purchased the Elite Elastogel trainer block. This block is completely not fit for purpose and really not compatible with the Direto, it changes my saddle angle -/+ 1 degree, giving a completely different experience to using my bike on the road.
Obviously changing saddle angle all the time is not a situation that I want to find myself in, nor do I find it an acceptable.

It would seem now they have a new Direto only travel block - like there suddenly has been a lightbulb moment and Elite realise that they have no blocks in the arsenal to actually level the Direto appropriately...

I see that the new Diretos are shipping with the new block, yet those of us that already have the Turbo have to pay an extra £16 - £20 extra (Add another €12 shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) for the pleasure of having a Turbo that you're able to ride on level...! (unless of course you choose to use a yellow pages and change the depth that you put your wheel on each time...)

Are elite going to provide the blocks to Direto owners? or do we have to buy this block in the hope that it makes the turbo level?

Has anyone else got experience with the new block vs the elastogel block? Does it make your bike level? If I need to buy one, am I going to be wasting my cash?

Alternatively, does anyone else have any other alternatives that level out their Direto?

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