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Direto models: Direto, Direto II, Direto 2019, Direto 2 2019, Direto with Lever (

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 3:37 pm
by edwardphrase
Hi. I have been looking for a Directo, but there seem to be many models, even though Elite's website lists only one. Retailers seem to be giving the Direto different names. What are the official versions?

I know when I bought my Turbo Muin, the models were changed though Elite did not officially give the second generation an official name, they did operated a little bit differently with respect to using the Misuro B+. (Magnet position and rotations changed etc.)

What are all these variants?Do they have the same specifications? Are some better production versions? Is it best confirming you are getting the latest rather than old stock?