Continued issues with Direto and Zwift

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Continued issues with Direto and Zwift

Postby jever98 » Thu Jan 31, 2019 6:53 pm


I keep having issues with my Direto and Zwift: If I connect the Direto to Zwift (BT or ANT+, result is the same), the resistance is very high and goes up and down. On a flat road, it will force me up to 400w, release, force up, etc. I cannot ride in Zwift with resistance control. As a result, I use the Direto in level mode (level 3), controlled by my Wahoo Elemnt, and use my power2max power meter for power data.

This did not use to be the case: initially, everything worked fine (Nov to Dec 2018) - I was able to ride courses and do workouts in ERG or level mode. Then, I had a phase where there was too little resistance (spinning out on the flat: 52-11, >100rpm, <300w). Now the resistance is high and random.

It seems that I am not the only one with these issues, there is a topic on the Zwift forums, too: ... s/27492/32

Can you please help? I am really lost for how to fix this!

- Zwift on Win10, latest version
- ANT+ dongle - works fine, no data drops
- Direto connected under FE-C profile for controllable trainer
- I tried to set the circumference in MyETraining on Android and Windows as 2086, but the app shows 173
- I also have

Other symptoms:
- If I try to do a spin down calibration in Zwift, the speed stays at 3kph, even if I sprint in 52-11.
- The trainer resistance is correct in Wahoo Elemnt if I go to "level" mode. If I go to "passive" mode, it starts pulsing, even when NOT connected to Zwift
- There is a difference of about 20w (relatively constant) between my power meter and Direto reading - it seems to be only when used in Zwift

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