direto no resistance (can turn it by hand)

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direto no resistance (can turn it by hand)

Postby gmngueko » Tue Jan 22, 2019 10:29 am


can someone tell me what was the solution on this issue eventually?
I rode the direto for around 10h 200km and then suddenly the resistance went very high with some kind of noise kind of clicking noise).
the noise stopped and then no more resistance since then :shock: . I can turn my cassette by hand while before it was impossible.

I sent an email to customer service but the guy is asking me to look at the step motor with instruction in a video. I did that and the step motor of my direto is working as shown in the video sent by customer service (but not sure the customer service understood that :? ).
But I'am actually wondering if the customer service understand the issue :? (and he is only replying every 2 days so the investigation is very very very slow
:( )
Especially that it is a common issue it seems, so what was the outcome for most of you with the same issue (you did the repair yourself? or had to send it back to direto).

I actually already sent serial number and invoice but even that I'am not sure the customer service got it properly :?


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