Direto behavior for slopes above 14%

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Direto behavior for slopes above 14%

Postby jarekk » Wed Dec 26, 2018 4:55 pm

Does anybody know how Direto behaves if ascend slope exceeds 14%?

Today I rode in Zwift and after slope increased above more less 13-14%, Zwift started to show much lower cadence than the real cadence was. At the same time it showed more less constant power ~170W. I have the impression that power generated was significantly higher. And surely power was not constant, because I tried to speed up and slow down several times during uphill to observe what is going on. I am quite confident the average cadence was about 80+ but Zwift presented values ~29-45. I had the feeling that resistance force (or rather torque) was constant during the uphill regardless of cadence but I may be wrong at this point. After this one particular uphill finished everything was ok again.

I do not understand this behavior.
Direto steep slopes.png
slope/speed/power/cadence chart
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