Direto and clipping ANT+ signal

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Direto and clipping ANT+ signal

Postby joran.garden » Sat Dec 22, 2018 11:09 am


I had the first verion of the Drivo in a setup against my Win 10 Enterprise computer. It was working fine and in Zwift it was showing power readings with fluctuation within approx 10W until the belt broke after approx 3 mnts of use.
Than my dealer sent me a brand new Direto which was also working fine and was showing pretty stable power readings as well.

I'm using a Garmin ANT+ dongle on my computer with approx 1m distance from my trainer to my computer.

When I took up my Zwifting this autumn power reading suddenly fluctuates a lot more than spring 2018. Sometimes +/- 15W.

Zwift tells me that I have a lot of drops in the ANT+ signal causing this. This I don't understand as the setup is completely the same as before summer. My nearest AP (Air Ties Mesh) is approx 10m away - in a different room in a different floor with 1 floor and 2 walls between my sweatcave and the AP. I expect most of you have a wifi network in the same house as your trainer. Probably also with AP's closer to the trainer/ dongle.

Anyone else experiencing such problems? Any suggestions how to rectify....?

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