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Direto stopped broadcasting, bluetooth blinks

Posted: Thu Dec 20, 2018 9:00 pm
by markus.wl.tri
my Direto just stopped working after not even a month :cry: .
The bluetooth light is blinking with a little noise.
But I get no connection at all.
Before, I used just bluetooth with my mac and Zwift and it worked until last weekend very well.

What I tried:
Restart by power off, no change happened
I pedaled, no change happened
I waited, no change happened
I used also the iPhone Elite MyEtraining App to pair via bluetooth, no change happend
I used the Elite MyEtraining Mac OS App, no change happend
I tried also the connection via ant+ stick on my mac, no change happend
I tried also a connection via Garmin Edge 820.
The Direto is not broadcasting at all.

Is it broken?
Any suggestions?
Kind regards