FTP-test restart after 53 minutes

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FTP-test restart after 53 minutes

Postby janne.timgren » Fri Jan 17, 2020 12:26 pm

I am new here with a recently bought Zumo. I have done som workouts mostly myrealvideo, uploaded to Strava and everything worked fine.
Then I tried to do a FTP-tetst
When I was 53 minutes into the test (almost done with the heaviest part) the test suddenly restarted. No FTP result receved of course.
I fonund 5 saved FTP-tests, four empty ones and one with the actual test. I have left a message to Elite but got no answer.
Do you guys and girls here know what might have happend and how I can avoid it from happening again.
I dont want to do the test again if it is not reliable.

I ride with a ant+ dongle in my laptop and as I said, everything else seems to work fine.
BR Janne

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