Recommended elite training?

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Recommended elite training?

Postby sandyjones » Mon Sep 09, 2019 9:32 am

Who seems to be the priority to send to elite training? I'm mostly at 5* for all high drop heroes from R1-4 with 4* Shakir, Flora (both about halfway to 5*), Alvaro, Qasim and Luciano. Also, what skills are flats in mahim the best to train for? So far I'm focussing on rushing the first standard mission of R5, levelling up the heros I have, and farming the DNA for the R4 heroes I don't have maxed. After that, I'll try to get better than my 2* on the first R5 loot mission, and actually try to finish the first R5 legacy mission... I haven't even thought of trying the R5 story yet! commercial property for sale in pune

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