WiFi Analyzer playing tricks on me

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WiFi Analyzer playing tricks on me

Postby Ahambramasmi » Thu Aug 29, 2019 2:11 pm

I've been having issues with certain devices losing connectivity to the WiFi sporadically for the past year. All the devices are in different parts of the house. One is a laptop and one is a Roku. I do have smart phones as well, but I have unlimited data so I usually don't keep track whether I'm on WiFi or not to know if they were affected equally.

So I go to check my WiFi channel to see if it's probably on a congested signal. When I do the initial walk around the house checking, it says channel 1 is the best choice for 2.4ghz, and 144 is the best for 5ghz. So I make the changes and go to test again. Now it's saying Ch 5 and 36 are the best, and Ch 1 and 144 are zero stars. Wtf? So I switch back and it did it again. So I truly have no idea how I've made a difference. What gives? Also, side note, there are multiple routers popping up on the big 3 (1,6,11) so I know it's not just the Analyzer picking up my one device and using that as a reason to say the channel is bad.

Any ideas?

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