Minimum My e-traing Desktop features

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Minimum My e-traing Desktop features

Postby Davbator » Thu Mar 28, 2019 5:47 pm


I changed my old Elite home trainer to a Drivo model few months ago.
I initially kept on using the old Real software and was able to benefit all of its features (Real videos with my historical data…).

Then I changed my PC for a new one. For one reason or another, I haven’t been able to reinstall properly the Software Real and agreed to pay a subscription to use the newer My e-Training soft and get its expected benefits.

I would have thought there would be better capabilities to start some web races based on realvideos with competitors online. But there’s nothing in it and no community !
I am not asking My e-training to be such a game as Zwift but please let’s try somehow to make it less boring than just pedalling in the dark.

I couldn’t expect that some of the basic capabilities of the old software had been withdrawn in the new one. I can even not compete with some of my past runs.
When starting a race, all your counters (heartbeat, speed…) stay at 0 while you are warming up and before you actually start the race.
So many losses. This is very annoying.

I did the 90 minutes Training test and just stopped the test 10 sec before the end of the last resting period. So, unfortunately I received no warning to save my data or so and lost the whole session without getting my FTP estimate. Annoying isn't it ?

How can you launch a soft and have so few options in it, far less than in an old soft ?
So, please let us know about your future plans for upgrades. What features, When ? I am very worried about that since if I am not wrong your soft was already launched in 2015 and you are planning to stop Software Real very soon ? Will you do so without offering the same minimal features ?

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Re: Minimum My e-traing Desktop features

Postby Elite Admin S » Tue Apr 16, 2019 8:50 am


My e-training Desktop, our new software, has various improvements compared to our old Real software.
For example, in Real software now geolocated courses are no more available. Also, the FTP test has never been present in Real.
In Real, it was not possible to connect external power sensor, also. And it was not possible to connect in bluetooth (LE).

To be precise, there are two functions that were present in Real and are not available in my e-training:
- the Conconi Test (that has been removed also from Real, as our licence has expired)
- the possibility to compete with a previous session (this has been not considered in my e-training as few persons use it)

I'll forward anyway your request to the developers about it, so they can evaluate if adding it again.

About the Training Test, I'm sorry but it is necessary to complete it to have a valid result.
Also, notice that Training Test and FTP test are two different features.

About your last questions, I confirm you that Real will be abandoned. It is already no more supported at development level, I'm sorry.

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Re: Minimum My e-traing Desktop features

Postby Davbator » Wed Apr 24, 2019 12:04 am

Happy to see a reply to my comments.
May I hope being heard ?
Will MyEtraining become more friendly ?
I understand you have included the FTP test replacing the conconi one. I can see you added the GPS and user defined paths.

They are many little things to do to improve the product interface. I disagree when you say that you HAVE to finish the last 15 seconds of the 10 minutes resting period of the 80 min FTP test to record your FTP data. this is useless to get the FTP result. This is not friendly. you are even not warning about the loss of data .
Will you activate the counters (power / cadence / heartbeat) when entering a videorace before actually starting the race ?

In the last months I convinced (I would almost say I unfortunately convinced) some friends to buy a Drivo HomeTrainer in order to be able to start a video race with them ONLINE.
They are planning to "climb" some of the famous French passes next summer and especially the Ventoux. So I advised them to buy an Elite home trainer and few videos. How could we organise an online course ? You not only closed the ability to compete with a past session (which was a good way to have reference points) but also the ability to start simultaneously an online race with firends. Am I wrong ?

How can you say your customers did not use the past sessions to compare their performances ? It was a working features and no one complained about it ?
Did you ask your customers what feautres they were using ? Are you making some kind of polls ?

I look forward to seeing your answers and the future improvements of the desktop version of myEtraining.
Please do understand I am happy with your hardware and just regret how much the software looks to be left behind.

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