confuse on all sofewaressssss

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confuse on all sofewaressssss

Postby reckmorrow91 » Tue Feb 05, 2019 6:53 pm

hello, i have just purchased an interactive trainer, Dirvo.
i find lots of thing when unboxing.
1) CD for Real software.(looks like outdated after installation)
2) DVD for 1 stage (real video)
3) card with a code for my etraining app (free-lifetime) -->could download video as well
4) my etraining desktop software (need to pay)

what are the difference between my etraining app, etraining desktop software and Real software.

it should be the same thing, right?
if it is same, why do i have to pay for desktop version???

those make me crazy...=.='

could you explain clearly those thing. one by one plz

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